Submarine Toothbrush Holder And Bathroom Set

The Submarine Bathroom Set looks just like a submarine and has a compartment to hold toothbrushes, a nozzle that dispenses soap or gel, along with two storage compartments where you can store cotton balls, q-tips, hair bands, etc… A perfect addition to any Beatles fanatic (assuming you choose the yellow colored submarine), the submarine bathroom set has a modern yet playful design.

The submarine comes in 4 separate parts and are able to separated for cleaning, or to use separately across your bathroom counter, as the compartments are snapped together using magnets.

Perfect for organizing smaller counter-tops or people who have to share their space with other people, the submarine toothbrush holder and bathroom organizer set is made from porcelain, comes in four different colors to choose from, and when fully together the submarine measures 10 inches long x 6.9 inches tall x 2.8 inches wide.

Available on Amazon.

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